What is the difference between an NIT and a normal college.

After getting into NIT.

Parents (proudly) – My son is now in NIT.

Relative – Wo kidhar hai? ( where is that)

After getting into Normal college

Parents – my son is now in XYZ college.

Relatives- oh yes. But i have heard some bad stuff about them.

Before and after class

Nit- wake up late. 1st lec is gone. Freshen up ( brush only or maybe skip that too). Run or use bicycle to class. Worry and fret about attendance. After class go to your room. Eat poisonous mess food. Sit to study. Ends up being some game or show on your phone or laptop.

Other college- ( if its close to home) Wake up late. Get some sort of Breakfast from mom atleast. Get ready quickly and run to class. (Some things will never change). come home. Relax. Unwind. Eat some home cooked meal. Then study for sometime. Getting distracted is only upto you now. Your friends cant show you stuff while you study.


NIT- kya bola pata nahi. ( What is he saying?)

Normal- kya bola pata nahi. (What is he saying?)


NIT- government lol. Dont expect much. Infact dont expect anything and you may still get dishartened. I personally know a guy who LEFT nit warangal because the hygene standards were so poor that he kept falling sick. He then went to BITS and is still there.

Normal – if its a private college expect DEFFINATELY BETTER ROOMS AND HALLS than any iit nit iiit gfti. If you happen to live in your own home then thats the best thing possible in terms of comfort if the college is in your hometown.

Friends./ crowd

It all depends on what kind of people you want in your life. No college can change that.


Nit placements MAY better. Not all nits are good.

But yes more companies tend to go to government institutes than private.

Further studies and foreign entrance tests.

If you want to study more/ abroad then you will have to give entrance exams. These can vary from anywhere from 1 to 3 or 4.

You will deffinately be able to be more productive living alone without hostel friends or staying at your home. But then you will be sacrificing your hostel life. Which by the way, trust me, isnt glamourous at all.

Moral of the story- not much.


All the best!

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