What are some tips for cracking JEE Mains

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There are a lot answer of What are tips for cracking JEE MAINS exam and a lot of strategy to get cracking JEE MAINS. We are take some strategy from different students.

Now we try to get answer of “What are some tips for cracking jee mains

BY Jyotirmay Dwivedi (An IITian)

According to me, there are only two strategy to crack JEE MAINS which are given below :-

Strategy 1 –
  1.  If you are comfortable with it, then go for chemistry first. This section takes at least the time because it is comparatively comparatively less than (approximately 30 minutes).
  2. Once you work with chemistry, you feel – “one down, two to go”. Now go for physics or mathematics according to your preparation level.
  3. Also, try bubbling the answers after completing each section. This gives you a little break before starting the next topic and this also reduces the possibility of marking wrong answers in the wrong column.
Strategy 2 –
  1. Take a look at the entire paper and go for the section that looks easier than the other two.
  2. Do not ever hang on the questions. It not only ruins your time, but also brings the level of confidence to the beginning of the paper.
  3. If you are not able to solve some of the initial questions for some reasons, do not panic. Keep calm. Go for easy questions. Once you are in the flow, come back to these questions.

BY Kousshik Raj (An IITian)

If you think the following tips will help you clean JEE without any effort, then you can stop wasting your efforts, as long as you do not have such a good IQ that you get it without any effort can do.

Now it has approved, there are some things that will help you to give a better opportunity to break JEE.

  1. Try continuously with your part during the preparation period. Do not underestimate your efforts for any reason.
  2. Be sure to focus on all three topics. It does not matter whether you like a subject more or hate it. If you like a topic, make sure that it is your strong place and there is no sign in it. If you hate one, then be sure to focus on your efforts so that it is not your weak place.
  3. Make sure you understand all of your concepts clearly. If not, please contact your faculty because it is not a school exam where you can do something from heart and write it in the exam. All the questions in JEE are out of the box, sometimes incorporate many concepts and unless your concepts are strong, I would say that your possibilities are very few Iib resolved.
  4. Another important aspect to keep in mind. There will be nothing to help you in strengthening your concepts, if it is not with solving various problems. A general JEE student resolves 50000 questions on average

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