JEE main 2019 preparation tips.

If you want to crack JEE Main 2019 with good marks then start your preparation today by following the below given tips-.

Some Important Topics of Syllabus.

Create Short Notes– While studying for the entrance test, clear your basic concepts and make short notes so that you can revise the important facts and figures at any place and time.

Don’t Skip any topic– Sometimes, students leave a few important topics because of their less weightage in board examination. This practice will hamper your JEE Main preparation. Hence, to crack JEE Main 2019 with good marks study every topics and chapter.

Preparing for the JEE Main exam will be one of the most rewarding things for your career and days to come. Having strong basics in Physics, Maths and Chemistry can really open up a lot of avenues for you in the future.

More than preparing for JEE Main 2018 exam, think about these 2 years (or 1 year?) as your foundation stone towards a brighter future in terms of better grades during your Engineering College, Interviews for high paying jobs, Higher Studies – the list is endless.

Time Management

Even before I go into tell you about how you should prepare yourself for the Maths, Physics or Chemistry, you need to pay attention to this – Without time management no magic is going to help you reach your goals, which is All India Rank 1!

Follow the schedule and make a plan.

Remember, I told you about making a habit in the last point. Right from tomorrow, when you get from bed, make it an habit to spend 15 – 30 minutes to plan your day.

Planning your day will set the fact in your brain that you have X number of tasks to complete and thereby you will waste much less time. See, how time management and planning your day are so related!

Here is how you can plan your day in 7 easy steps:

2.1. First, get a calendar, a dairy and a pen – to make a planner to routine up your time. You could also use mobile apps like Wunderlist or Any.DO

Know the syllabus and the exam pattern well (including weightage)

The JEE Main and Advanced Syllabus is vast and in order to get a very good rank you must make sure that you go through all the 3 subjects and have almost equal command over all of them.

You should study all the important topics first and then solve ample problems in order to gain mastery over them. Certain topics in the JEE Main & Advanced syllabus has more weightage over others, so laying more stress on these important topics will help you score more marks in the actual exam and thus fetching you a top rank!

The tough topics obviously have more weightage so without any concession you ought to study them properly. Also, this would let you divide your time well in advance among the various subjects.

Before you start your preparation you must go though the List of most important topics in JEE Main & Advanced. Apart from these you should also study the Expected chapter weightage in the JEE Main syllabus which can be found here.

Coaching Classes – Online or Offline?

Coaching classes are a crucial part of your JEE Preparation. Be it Main or Advanced, having crystal clear concepts will always help you in scoring high and getting that extra edge over others in the exam.

Back in the day when I was preparing for IIT JEE, I and other JEE aspirants all across India had access to only physical coaching centers. It used to be the best option to prepare for JEE exams back then. But now you have access to study materials and lectures right at your finger tips, thanks to the online revolution in India.

According to some stats, 45 – 50% students are now opting for Online Coaching classes as compared to the physical media such as coaching classes and study centers.

Let us quickly go over the pros and cons of both these types of coaching classes.

Study concepts, solve problems, look at solutions

No matter how many coaching classes you join or how many more study materials / books you buy, you have to spend time studying these materials and lecture notes.

Self-study is one of the most important aspects of your JEE Main & Advanced preparation. Here are some quick tips on how to study more hours daily without getting tired.

The more time you devote towards clearing your concepts in various topics of Physics, Chemistry and Maths – the better are your chances of getting a top rank in the JEE.

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