Is VIT ( Vellore) better than many NIT’s.

Well I would like to write this and this would be an extremely unbiased answer…

  1. Infrastructure:— Here VIT beats all the NITs….
  2. Student quality:— This is where VIT lags a lot. Most of the NITs have much better students than VIT except some north eastern NITs.
  3. College Life:— Here also VIT has an upper hand except top three NITs like Trichy, Surathkal and Warangal. The college fests of these NITs are one amongst the best in the country. Incident of NITK Surathkal is the second best college fest after Mood Indigo IIT Bombay .
  4. Hostels:— VIT has better hostels than NITs. None of the NITs have ACs in their hostel room and guess what VIT has AC in hostel rooms.
  5. College Intake:— There is a lot of crowd in VIT. It has annual intake of about 6000 students in one campus . Hence student to teacher ratio is very poor. Coming to NITs , all the NITs have intake less than 1000 and hence the student teacher ratio is very good.
  6. Professors Quality:— Both VIT as well as NITs have good quality professors having PHD qualification. But the thing is one must compare from where this professors got their PHD degree. Talking about top NITs , professors have got higher degrees from either NITs/IITs. I have no idea in this regard about VITs. Also both in VIT as well as NITs , professors are indulged in a lot of research activities.
  7. Placements:— Most of the NITs have a rule that a company cannot hire more than 10 students from their college. But still most of the NITs enjoy nearly 100 percent placement . Let us consider a hypothetical situation that VIT also follows the same rule. Guess what percentage of students will be placed?? Average package of most NITs is greater than VIT.
  8. College fees:— In VIT , you would have to spend approx 25 lakhs for your 4 year stay there . On the other hand you can complete your Btech in NITs within 7 lakhs or so.

So based on these parameters, I can guess most of the NITs except the North eastern NITs and some newly constructed NITs are better than VIT.

But if you are the one who wants very good infrastructure and posh hostels, then VIT can be your choice.

Edit 1:— A lot of discrepancy regarding fees in VIT. It turns out that it’s almost 10-15 lpa which is nearly equivalent to fees in NITs.

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