DU admissions 2018: Ragging prevention guidelines, student security tightened .

Delhi University is not just a prestigious institution of knowledge but an experience in itself. Go to any DU student and talk to them about college life and their eyes will fill up with nostalgia. North campus, South campus and everything else in between will mould your college life and leave you with tons of memories. However, if you’ve just joined DU, you are bound to find it’s quirks quite intriguing. Here are 9 things you will only get if you have now joined the emotional whirlwind that is Delhi University!.

DU admission 2018: To protect the interests of its female students, Women police “in plain clothes” will be deployed in and around the colleges and offenders of eve teasing and other incidents will be taken care of.

DU admission 2018:The University of Delhi’s academic session of 2018-19 for undergraduate programmes will commence from today. To control ragging, the varsity has released a notice regarding the prevention of ragging on its college campuses. At a meeting to discuss the issues of ragging, eve-teasing and other prohibited activities the University has formulated a list of measures.

Here are some of the measures taken by the DU to protect its students:


To prevent ragging, guardians of all students have been asked to submit undertakings during admissions that their wards will not indulge in such activities. The Delhi University has also set up two Joint Control Rooms in the North and South campus in this regard. Anti-ragging and disciplinary committees will be formed at all institutions to prevent ragging. Institutions will display rules regarding the prohibition of ragging on campus and “extra vigil is being maintained at all eating joints”.

Women’s safety.

To protect the interests of its female students and to provide a level of security the university has tied up with the Delhi Police. Women police “in plain clothes” will be deployed in and around the colleges and offenders of eve-teasing and other incidents will be taken care of. Women police trained in martial arts will also be deployed from the Special Police Unit for Women and Children (SPUWAC) who would not only monitor sensitive points around campus but will also provide training on self-defence to female students. The Delhi University has also asked students to check whether their PG accommodations have been verified by the local police for safety and security reasons.

Outsiders, defacing of property and traffic

The university has noted that outsiders will be prevented from entering colleges, centres and hostels. Defacing of walls using paint, poster or any other method is not allowed and the university has prohibited the display of sensitive posters and graffiti within campus. Traffic at sensitive locations near campus will be regulated by the Delhi Police and students have been advised to use public transport in order to prevent congestion.

How to file a complaint:

– Drop a written complaint in your college complaint box

– Call the National Anti-Ragging helpline number 1800 180 5522

– Call the Joint Control Rooms (North Campus- 27667221; South Campus- 24119832)

– Call 100 or inform your nearest PCR van.

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