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has become India’s best coaching institute. So today we would like to tell you the most important thing related to FIITJEE, such as
FIITJEE RESULT: JEE MAINS & ADVANCE 2018, if true FIITJEE is a good coaching then this article will help you very much whether the FIITJEE
is right for you or not. Now we start from zero. Read full article to get every point of


    • 1 Zonal Topper
    • 8 State Topper
    • 15 City Topper
    • 2231 selection in JEE Advance 2018

    About FIITJEE

    In FIITJEE 1992, IIT Delhi was created with the vision and diligence of Delhi’s Mechanical Engineering Mr. DK Goyal. Our beginning as a platform for IIT-JEE was very polite, with a vision to provide the ideal launch pad for serious JEE candidates. During the course of realising this vision, we went beyond coaching only for IIT-JEE. We actually began to make a difference in the way students think and deal with problems We started to develop ways to increase the students’ IQ. We started leaving an infallible mark on students who have taken physio-graphic training. We have started to change life. And this was not a serious coincidence. It was a compulsory desire to fulfil the perfection and always desire in the process, to continue to establish new standards of excellence, which enabled us to achieve what we and our students have achieved.

    The success of our students was inspirational and they also had faith in physiques. It was believed that IIT-JEE was a catalyst for our enterprise in areas beyond. It was faith that motivated us to start a mission to provide school education to the students well through the Fiji Integrated School Programs like UDAA Plus, Supam and . No way coaching was required outside of the school system. In addition to the launch of Fizzee Junior Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam, many kind of minded schools across the country, in this student-centric endeavor to create an ideal school education platform for students to get admission in IITs and US universities Shake hands with us. With great success in Olympiads, SAT-1 and SAT-2 without stress and stress. And this was the only belief that enabled us to make historical success in the NTSE.

    If you aren’t still sure you want to go for IIT or not Once read : Why IIT?

    FIITJEE RESULTS @from Starting

    Our understanding of the needs of the students at different stages of their preparation is the guiding force behind the structure and method of each course in physique and the mystery of the success of the physicians.

      • In the IIT-JEE ’95, the physicals started Delhi by capturing Delhi out of the top 5 Delhi area ranks, and 96 physicians in IIT-JEE not only occupied top positions from IIT Delhi but also from other zones. have done.
      • The legend of great success ended in the physios that captured 9 out of the top 10 positions in IIT-JEE 9 7 in the IIT-Delhi region. Of these, 6 were students of Fiji’s class contact program. Arvind Saraf, student of FIITJEE’s two-year classroom program, secured the first rank in IIT-JEE ’97. Since then, the students of FIITJEE in the IIT-JEE year have achieved excellence after giving us the glory.
      • IIT-JEE ‘2006 alone was not separate from 452 students out of 600 FIITJEE class program qualified from Delhi centers (75.33% success rate). Wind. – 1, 3, 6, 7, 10; Top 100 in top 500 ranks and 50 in 251 secured by FIITJEE students from various programs. Overall, 2057 students were selected from all the programs in IIT-JEE, 2006 (highest number in the country for 9 consecutive years since 1998).
      • IIT-JEE ‘in 2009, once again the Physics students have performed better for everyone. 3 in the top 5, 4 in the top 10, 11 in the top 20, 11 in the top 50, 35 in the top 100 and 88 in the top 200 posts were received by students of the FIITJEE Class Program. In the main merit list, the record number of 1632 students and in the eligibility list, 4273 students have only taken pride in us from our class room programs. A total of 2307 students in the main merit list and 5876 in the expanded merit list have made it from FIITJEE, the premier institute of IITJEE.
      • In IIT-JEE 2010, FIITJEE again shines once. The top 100 are received by 38 long-term classroom programs and analysis and concept reinforcement programs in All India Rank. And, 9 of the top 20, 38 in the top 100, 71 in the top 200, 186 in the top 500 ranks, IIT-JEE, 2010 were achieved by students of the Long Term Classroom Program and Analysis and Concept Reinforcement Program. 2378 selections are common from the class.
      • Also in IIT-JEE 2011. A total of 2343 selections were held by FIITJEE students from the general category, 16 in the top 50, 34 in the top 100, 72 in the top 200, 177 in the top 500 and the class program strengthening the long term classroom programs and concept.
      • In IIT-JEE 2012: IIT-JEE 2012, the saga continues: Physician students dominate IIT-JEE, 2012, results from capturing from all India rank 1, 2 and 3 long period class / school integrated projects. To strengthen Long Term Classroom program and concept, 43 in the Top 100 All India Rank Class Program 3542 has been honoured with the rank of IIT-JEE, 2012 from Long Term Classroom Program and Concept Strengthening Classroom Program. Strengthening long-term classroom programs and concept class program 4 in Top 10, Top 20 in Top 100, Top 200 in Rank 500 and 75 in Top 500 ranks

      • In JEE (Advanced), 2013: Classes / Integrated School Programs, 2 in Top 5, Top 20 in 23 Top, 54 in Top 300, 106 in Top 500 Ranks and Total 2314 (Highest Number for any Institute Country) FIITJEE students have been awarded a rank in JEE (Advanced), 2013. From all programs, Top 2 in Top 20, 36 in Top 20, 36 in Top 100, 101 in Top 300, 177 in Top 500 Ranks and 3723 (Highest Number for any Institute in the country), JEE (highest number for any institute in the country) Advanced), has been awarded a rank in 2013. (All of our results are from general category only).
      • In JEE (Advanced), 2014: 2532 FIITJEE students have qualified in JEE (Advanced), 2014 from class / integrated school programs. From all programs, a total of 3590 FIITJEE students have qualified in JEE (Advanced), 2014. (All of our results are from general category only). To learn from toppers, please visit
      • JEE (Advanced), 2015: 4568 FIITJEE students from all programs have retrieved JEE (Advanced), 2015, yet the number of students of any institute for the 18th year is highest. To learn from toppers.
      • In JEE (Advanced), 2016: 4423 FIITJEE students from all programs have re-secured JEE (Advanced), 2016, yet for the 19 years, the number of students of any institute is highest.
      • JEE (Advanced), in 2017: 5674 FIITJEE students from all programs have retrieved JEE (Advanced), 2017, yet the number of students of any institute for the 20th year is highest
      • Now come to FIITJEE RESULT: @2018

      All our results are from General Category only. We are the only institute giving details of results in a transparent way. Detailed results compiled so far are displayed / available at all FIITJEE Centres.

      Why FIITJEE

      • Hostel – You will get academic support in good food, environment friendly, hostel for study – the faculty goes for academic care, which includes doubt clearing.
      • Overall contact hours – Contact hours are usually 450 hours (one year extended program) but if the batch is required then there is no time constraint.
      • We keep classes in proper size batches so that you are not lost. We never hold classes in a batch of 100 or 200. Large classes are the reason that students are unable to master concepts and feel stress and develop frustration and take extreme steps.
      • You get a doubt clearing cell, and library facility with the presence of faculty for a guided study.
      • Unexpected Physics All India Internal Test Series – We are Leaders of AITS, Test Analysis and Rank Prediction – We can almost always predict your potential JEE rank with making JEE main and advanced environment accurate.

      Review on FIITJEE

      If you can succeed in your ability while studying in Physzi, you can succeed anywhere in life and even lick your elbows.

      It is good for those students who are diligent and most importantly, there is no need of coaching or guidance. I read in the South-Delhi peak.

      I am sorry every day to study at this premium institute. Teachers are excellent politicians. Some are devoted except few people, have enough knowledge about their subject. And if you have any doubt, doubt in the very existence of the clearing season is always for help. -_-

      They know how to waste their very valuable time. Forget about management. Only the people with the top batch are given the desired position, time and facilities. I believe, seeing me and my friends, Physician reduces the students’ ability to rank.

      Each class has the ability to sit for 35 in the summit program, but the students are divided from below as follows

      R1-15, R2-28, LX 1-40, LX 2-47, LX 3-42, LX 4-28 (Batch-NO students APX in each category).

      It is most likely that you will get ACs serving everything from sprinkling of water in every class but not even close to an AC.

      And the facilities at the top are not good with any of the facilities and food provided to Tihar prisoners.

      I strongly feel that our HOD is a secretive detective from another coaching institute who wants to ruin the lives of students (Satak).

      It was only 30% of the problem that we had to go to Fiji.

      Fiji should change its name and change it to a journal. (If you study in Physiology you will get many more names, “Students are very creative”.)

      What are the benefits of doing an M.Tech at an IIT , NIT or IIIT ?

      1. The IIT-tag

      This is my favorite reason, because in this increasingly brand conscious world, being a branded product is a great advantage. After a ticket to IIT, father of ‘dream-girls’ will line up in front of your father (for boys) or greedy fathers of highly qualified boys will not even dare to utter the word ‘dowry’ in front of your father (for girls). Apart from such social benefits, you will be preferred over your non-IITian competitors with similar technical skills in your professional life.

      2. Studying abroad is an extremely expensive dream

      The total cost (Tuition Fees + Living Expenses + Other Expenses) of studying abroad is around Rs 30-40 lakhs for a two-year course. For expensive universities, like Stanford, it is around Rs 74 lakhs (considering the current value of rupee). You can reduce this cost by bagging some scholarship and doing some part time job and manage somehow by arranging a loan, but still, for most of us it’s a too costly dream.

      3. Family matters, Nation matters

      After staying abroad for two years and doing a job there after your education, it becomes very hard to come back and survive in the social and corporate culture of India. You earn a lot, but most of the time you meet your near and dear ones on Skype and your parents stay alone in some bungalow bought by you as they cannot adjust abroad. People may blame IITians for brain drain too, but post-globalization of the Indian economy in the 1990s, there is an increasing trend of IITians returning back or new pass-outs staying here for job or entrepreneurship.

      If the top institutes of our nation i.e. IITs are not that good or India is a backward nation then it’s time to enter the IITs and change thing there, it’s time to stay here or return back after gaining knowledge and utilize it for future generations of our nation which will include yours and your relatives’ children too. Remember, petrol can be imported to power our engines, but to power our national growth we cannot import Americans or Europeans because it’s your mother’s land, the soil of your forefathers.

      4. IITs are affordable

      Being a government initiative the education at IITs is subsidized and affordable e.g. (for IIT Kharagpur) considering the expenses on salary, labs, maintenance, consumables etc. the total fees for a four year B-Tech course should be around Rs 17 lakhs, but a student has to pay only around Rs 4 lakhs (Similar subsidies are granted for M-Tech courses too). Apart from these, there are scholarships for reserved category students and the banks are more than ready to give you loan anytime for studying at IITs. For M-Tech, at IIT Kharagpur, a general category student needs to pay only Rs 28000/semester which includes tuition fees, hostel fees, mess charges, insurance, medical expenses etc. I hope you are too greedy if you expect anything else (next point is more interesting!).

      5. Get paid for studying

      M-Tech students at IITs get Rs 12400/month as the stipend. Just think, by this all expencive things covered..

      6. Huge campus and energetic environment

      At IITs, the campuses are huge and loaded with amenities e.g. the SAC (Student Activity Center) in IIT Delhi consists of a gymnasium, swimming pool, pool and billiards rooms, squash courts, table tennis rooms, a badminton court, a music room, a fine arts room, a robotics room and a committee room used to organize quizzing and debating events. The SAC also has an Open Air Theater where concerts are hosted. Students can also use the radio broadcasting facility (HAM) in the SAC . Similar facilities are available in other IITs too.

      7. Chartered flight to the world of research and lectureship

      M-Tech from IITs is a golden opportunity for those interested in teaching or research. A PhD research scholar at IITs bags a stipend of Rs 25000/month along with one of the most suitable teaching and research environments in India.

      8. Reviving your career

      Even after years of experience if you are struggling to get some higher (10 lakh+) package or you are unable to become a part of industry leaders, like Microsoft, Google etc. or you are suffocated by the mass-recruiting brands like Infosys, TCS etc., where your focus is on services like maintenance, testing, software operation and management etc. than development then wait for the GATE form.

      9. A Deep dive into the ocean of knowledge

      At IITs with better professors, labs, environment, over all grand exposure and a base of knowledge gained from you bachelor degree you are set to dive deeper in the world of knowledge where concepts will become more clear and your ability to learn will increase exponentially.

      10. Great company to hone technical and interpersonal skills

      At IITs you are surrounded by brilliant brains which inspire you to ignite a passion for knowledge. Apart from academics, there are lots of technical and cultural festivals where you can improve your management, communication or leadership skills e.g. (IIT-Bombay) The annual cultural festival Mood Indigo is held in the month of December and is purportedly the largest of its kind in Asia. The most attractive features of this 4-day event are the competitions, exhibitions, games and musical concerts. The annual Science & Technology festival of IIT Bombay, Techfest is held in the month of January every year and is the largest of its kind in Asia. It comprises various events like competitions, exhibits and talks from guest speakers from around the world .

      IIT Kharagpur celebrates the Illumination festival on the evening of Diwali. Large bamboo structures (called chatais) as high as 6 meters (20 ft) are made and earthen lamps are placed on them to form outlines of people, monuments, or an event. The competition is held between hostels, it does not receive entries by outside visitors. Bonds of trust and friendship formed at IIT are helpful in building your future as networking is the key to human evolution.

      11. Best place to get infected by the bug of entrepreneurship

      IITs encourage entrepreneurship in every possible way and there is a long list of generous and helping alumni of IITs who are renowned entrepreneurs. Some big names are N. R. Narayana Murthy, Manohar Parrikar, Arvind Kejriwal, Raghuram Rajan, Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan Arogyaswami Paulraj etc. You will notice that IITians have excelled not only in the field of technology but also triumphed in various other fields like management, politics etc. Definitely, there is something in the air inside those campuses and filling your lungs with that air may enrich your brain forever.

      Disclaimer: The figures mentioned i.e. fees, total spending, stipend etc. may vary with time, kindly visit authorized online sources to get the current figures.

      All The Best…

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